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3 Easy Ways to Insulate Windows in the Winter

When replacing your drafty windows is simply not yet an option, there are still some things that you can do to prevent the cold air from entering your home. In fact, here is a list of three easy ways to insulate your windows when Old Man Winter arrives.

Buy Some Rubber Weather Sealing

The best things about rubber weather sealing are that the packages of it are cheap, and it is extremely easy to install. You can even buy packages of the self-stick strips online, or find them at your local hardware store. To install it, all you need to do is cut it down (so it fits the window’s dimensions), and then stick it wherever you want it. Just keep in mind that when you take this off, there may be a sticky residue left on the window.

Install Some Window Insulation Film

Just like rubber weather sealing, window insulation film is another fast and easy way to keep the cold from getting in. Not to mention, you can also get it everywhere! What’s more, most places sell it in kits that come with the plastic shrink film and a couple rolls of tape. To install the film, all you have to do is make sure it fits around the entire window, tape it, and then heat the plastic with a hair dryer to remove any wrinkles (if you want).

Get Your Hands On Some Draft Snakes!

Have you ever seen those long tubes made of fabric lying across the bottom of some windows? Well, these are what you call “draft snakes.” While there are certainly more benefits that come from installing rubber weather sealing and window insulation film, draft snakes can be an option for homeowners who only have some cold air coming through their window sills. Even better yet, you do not even have to go out and buy them—you can make them right in your home!

As window installers and contractors in South Jersey, we provide windows that will keep Old Man Winter out! To learn more about the windows we offer, or to hear more tips on how you can insulate your windows in the winter, just call us!

3 Tips to Help a Roof Outlast the Winter

Although you should be checking on your roof throughout the year, it is especially important to review its condition in the fall, before winter arrives. After all, the last thing you need to discover when you wake up, during a snowstorm, is that a spot of your bedroom floor is covered in snow! If you were looking to ensure that your roof will outlast the winter (especially if it is an older roof) here are some things you can do:

Schedule a professional to come out and do an inspection!

As roofing contractors in South Jersey, we cannot stress enough how important it is that you have your roof inspected before winter weather arrives. No matter whether the roof was installed less than five years ago, or it just turned twenty years old, it will not hurt to have it looked at. Some things a roofing contractor will review are if there might be any leaks, or loose/missing shingles, etc.








Trim your trees and remove dead branches.

Not only can a tree crash through your roof (as we all saw during Hurricane Sandy) but branches can also do some major damage. Not to mention, snow can also weigh down on branches and cause them to fall on your home. Trimming your trees will help to prevent your roof from caving in, as well as reduce leaf build-up in your gutters.

Speaking of your gutters, make sure they are clean, and as empty as possible.

If you do not clean your gutters while the leaves are falling, or after, or you left them alone throughout the spring and summer, now is the time to clear them out. If you leave any debris in your gutters, water could get stuck, freeze and expand, and thus cause damage to your gutters and your roof.

In the end, if you take the time to check your roof before winter weather hits, you will have less of a chance of making costly repairs once the temperature begins to rise in the spring!